Local Business Income System

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All From Marketing To Local Businesses In Your Area

Right now there is a HUGE opportunity to provide Internet Marketing services to local businesses in your area. Traditional marketing channels such as LOCAL NEWSPAPERS, and YELLOW PAGES are DEAD !!!

Businesses are looking to spend their marketing budget online, and YOU CAN HELP THEM.

Learn how to get local businesses ranking highly on search engines, using Google adwords, and selling online is EASY. You can get them falling over themselves to take up such services.

To teach people how to do this we ran an intensive course in June, 2010.

Attendees Instantly Discovered…

How to get local businesses begging you to sign them up and take their money

Which business owners are the best ones to talk to, and which ones to avoid like the plague

How to get a clients website onto the front page in Google.co.uk in less than 24 hrs

How to get £2,000 from each client, outsource the work for less than £500 and you keep the rest to spend on you and your family!

How to tap into the local business opportunity like no one has ever explained

We showed attendees LIVE, in front of their own eyes, EXACTLY how to do everything we were teaching!

That's right!

These 2 internet millionaires turned on their computers, connected live to the internet, showed EXACTLY what they do each and every day to put bucket loads of cash into their bank accounts.

Say YES If You Agree To 1 Or More Of The Following:

You're sick and tired of working for a boss and wish there was a better way

You're unhappy about not being about to do what you want, when you want, and want to be shown a quicker and easy solution

You like the idea of getting paid lots of money by simply talking to people and solving their problems

You feel you haven't got many skills, your education isn't really great, but you're willing to have a go at anything and really stick to it

If you've said YES to one or more of the above comments, then you need to pay very close attention to what we're about to tell you, because these secrets have NEVER BEFORE been shown to people living in the UK

http://www.localbusinessincome.co.uk/index_files/gray-top.gifimage of David Cavanagh

David Cavanagh is a featured speaker at nearly every major Internet Marketing seminar held in Australia, USA, UK and Asia, and loves working alongside and coaching professional internet marketing entrepreneurs.

David has been internet marketing for 10 years and has been frequently awarded "Best Speaker At Event" accolades. You're going to be informed and entertained when you hear David Cavanagh speak.

Listen to what David says as he knows local business marketing inside out, and he's going to let you in on some ideas, strategies and tactics he has never taught at UK events before.

 image of Simon Coulson

Simon Coulson is one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers.

If you’re already in or been around the Internet marketing business you may have heard of Simon or might even have been to one of his previous events.

Simon Coulson climbed the corporate ladder with BT PLC for 14 years before quitting the city life in December 2003. He started a series of internet businesses. In less than 6 years Simon has generated over £7 million pounds.

You see, on Tuesday the 29th of June, both David Cavanagh and Simon Coulson put on a 1 Day Only closed door workshop, showing attendees how they can achieve their dreams and live the life they should be living.

And now for a limited amount of time you can get access to the same informaiton!

You don't need to know anything… you don't need any special skills... you don't need to know "how to talk to people"... you just need to be friendly, coachable and willing to listen and follow step by step instructions... and it's all 100% legal, above board and will really make a difference to your life.

They revealed how to achieve immediate results by helping small business owners in the UK get more leads, prospects and cash-flow into their businesses, while you get paid handsomely just for being the middle man!

Now you're probably asking yourself "where do I start, who do I need to speak to, what am I supposed to say, and how do I earn cash from this" right? The same as everyone asks us when we show them this easy to follow and implement system.

The Recent Growth Of Local Business Marketing...


Times are changing and so has the customer!

They want to be able to find services and products available to them in just a few clicks not go searching through a large yellow book. Google has recognised this by developing Google maps. All the customer has to do is type in the service followed by a location and they are instantly presented with a map listing
local companies providing that service.

40% of all searches on Google now have LOCAL intent !

Local Business marketing represents a great opportunity because:

- A lot Internet Marketers have not yet taken advantage of this NEW trend!

- There is
lower competition for keywords containing a geographic location

- The search by the customer is
more targeted and therefore more valuable to the local business

- Getting a website on the first page of Google (and maintaining its position) is
easier and quicker

- The
cost of driving traffic to a website is significantly reduced

Local Businesses are not aware of the potential benefits & revenue this type of marketing could bring them

- This trend will
continue to grow as more and more people use the Internet to find a local service or product!

- The opportunities to take advantage of local business marketing are vast as there are thousands of services in towns and cities all over the country!

Here's What You Will Learn With The Local Business Income System

Part 1: Understanding the local business opportunity
- The Local Business Marketing Opportunity
- The demand of the modern day customer
- The decline of the yellow of the pages
- Why now is the best time to take advantage of this
- Why local businesses are not take advantage

Part 2: Finding local businesses that are the right kind of business

- How to find business in your local area

- What to look for when deciding whether a business is right to promote

- The key indicators to look out for

- The type of local business you must avoid

Part 3: Successful strategies for your Local Business Marketing Income


Google Maps Submission - understand how to get a local business listed on Google Maps, the criteria that Google uses for displaying its local search results and how to sell this as a service

Selling Optimised Websites - How to create a website for a local business and optimise it so that it ranks on the first page of Google for your local business term. Local Companies will then pay you to buy the website to achieve their first page rankings!

- Renting Optimised Website - Selling a website is great but you only receive a one off payment, we will show you how you can rent your website to a local business enabling you to repeat this process and get paid again and again

Selling leads to them - Here we will show you how you can use your website as a means of generating leads from people who visit your website interested in a particular local service and then sell the leads on to multiple companies.

Part 4: Geographic PPC for a management fee
Create a local advertising Adwords campaign for a local business which just targets their surrounding area to drive high quality targeted leads to their website and charge a setup fee .

Most companies have a limited understanding of Adwords and are unaware how to target customers in their local area. We will also cover charging a management free for your services and how to manage multiple accounts.

Part 5: Selling to Local business



- Putting together your Power Point Presentation,

- How to present your opportunity to the local business

- FAQs from local businesses

- Difficult questions and how to answer them

- Overcoming initial objections

- Closing the Sale

- The pricing structure for your services

Part 6: Using outsourcers maximise your profit and reduce your time

During the DVDs we will show you all the strategies for generating a local business income and taking advantage of the local business market.

After providing all the background and understanding we will then show you how you can sell to local businesses, outsource the work to maximise your time and return on investment.

Part 7: Local Business 10 Point Action Pan


In this session we will go through our ten point action plan for implementing the strategies that we show you so you know exactly what you need to do to succeed with Local business marketing.

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A One Off Event Completely Dedicated To Local Business Marketing Now Available on DVD!


Isn't it about time you got what you wanted in life? Don't you feel it's your right to be able to order from the left side of the menu for once and for all? Can you imagine the look on your families faces when you sack your boss and take the entire family on a Worldwide holiday?

These things are happening EVERY DAY, so why should you be the one missing out?

Don't you agree it's your time to start having
the very best that life can give you?

Both David and Simon will show you EVERYTHING you need to know... give you all the tools and
ammunition to be able to walk out of the workshop and start making IMMEDIATE cash right from the comfort of your lounge or dining room!

They'll also show you how you can do this business ANYWHERE in the World…. taking NO MONEY out of your pocket… and being able to travel the World while taking your business and office in your suitcase :)

Plus If You Order The DVDs Today You'll Get These Amazing Bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE..

Bonus 1: Ready Made Sales Presentation

As a special bonus you will receive a ready made PowerPoint presentation which will enable you to go and sell these fantastic services to
local businesses the day after you leave the workshop.

The presentation has been designed to help making the selling process as easy as possible and help with the all important close.

Bonus 2: Hot List Of Target Customers And Businesses

To help you get your local marketing business off to a flying start we will provide you with a hot list of the types of customers and businesses that you should be approaching to sell these services to.

Imagine someone actually providing you with a customer type that you can then go and find? Priceless for starting any business?

Bonus 3: Free hosting for 20 websites

Create 20 websites for local businesses and we will host the websites for free for the first 12 months. You can charge businesses £50 - £250 per annum for hosting alone, we give yout this FREE.

Bonus 4: Outsourcer Resources

We will provide you with a list of the outsourcing websites that we use to outsource the techniques that we show you to maximise your time and return on investment.

Bonus 5: Unlimited Support From Our Experts

This amazing opportunity give you the chance to receive 30 days worth of free mentoring from me and my personal panel of experts! Since I started my online business I’ve used professional advice in all sorts of areas. After all, it’s impossible to know everything. So whether you need advice on setting up a company, a legal matter, writing sales letters, your Google advertising campaigns, writing an online application or even general business advice, then I can help you. I have assembled an expert panel of business advisors I use to support my business, and as a Special Bonus, have made them available to you to offer UNLIMITED support for 30 DAYS for free thereafter £67 per month, no minimum term and you can cancel at anytime by sending an email to support@internetbusinessschool.com

Now this isn't just me or me and my secretary. I am talking about a team of HIGHLY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS, including:

Online Marketers with £millions of sales between them


http://www.localbusinessincome.co.uk/check.gifA top website designer

http://www.localbusinessincome.co.uk/check.gifGoogle certified consultant

http://www.localbusinessincome.co.uk/check.gifOne of the U.K.’s top sales copywriters

http://www.localbusinessincome.co.uk/check.gifLeading IT Experts including an MSc and C.Eng in IT

http://www.localbusinessincome.co.uk/check.gifPhD SEO expert (Stompernet speaker)

http://www.localbusinessincome.co.uk/check.gifAn MBA Business Consultant

http://www.localbusinessincome.co.uk/check.gifA UK Solicitor

Plus other Industry Experts...

The MINIMUM hourly fee for hiring some of these experts is £250. But with my training package, you can ask them whatever you need via our online system.

...Think about this for a moment. 1 months of fees from just ONE of the panel-members would run into many thousands of pounds!

Bonus 6: Local Business Contract Templates


- Sample Project Agreement Contacts forms
- Sample Invoicing and Estimate Spreadsheets
- Sample Website design and maintenance contracts

Bonus 7: Overcoming Sales Objection Slides


- Your Presentation
- FAQ's from customers
- Overcoming objections
- Closing the sale

Bonus 8: 30 Days Access to InternetBusinessSchool.com

As well as the one-to-one support you get from me and my panel of business experts, you also get unlimited access to my Online Learning Library for 30 days.

Here’s a screenshot of it (see below)…


I have set up an online learning membership service called the Internet Business School. This online knowledge bank is part of that service, and is where we take all the internet information you could ever need, break it down by department, and post it online in bite-size chunks for you to read, use and profit from.

It's a massive library full of essential tips, techniques and strategies you won’t find elsewhere, on all aspects of online business

It has departments for all the skill areas you need to succeed online, and each is full of money making information you can use in your business

The site contains numerous documents, software, templates and over 150 hours of online training videos, several hundred e-Books, training documents, audio files, and much more.

Bonus 9: Secret Submitter Software

- Submit Your Website To 1,700 web sites
- Instantly increase your web site back links
- Boost your Search Engine Visibility
- Get your customers sites ranking quicker
- Help kick start your local business income system!

Bonus 10: 'Best Domain Name Finder' Software

Your domain is the ‘home’ for your online presence. It is important that it not only properly conveys your businesses message, but is also correctly optimised for search engines.

The Best Domain Finder tool will quickly and easily help you find the best domain names for your local income business, help your websites rank quicker for your keywords and drive loads FREE traffic to generate more leads and sales!

You’re Also Covered By Our Money Back Guarantee

"If at any time during the 7 days after you receive the Local Business Income DVD Set, you aren’t delighted with it (for any reason), you don’t wish to continue, simply send us back the guide, and we’ll send you a full refund of your money (less p&p). It’s that simple…"


I'm not a sales person, is this still for me ?
YES! We'll give you the materials to use to entice customers and give you our prepared sales presentation which you can adapt and use to present to local businesses. PLUS we'll also show you how to get commission only salesman doing all the selling for you.

Isn't there too much competition already?
Nope not at all. There are hundreds of local businesses across the whole country who are looking to generate more leads and sales using new advertising avenues. The majority of which are not aware of the potential of the internet or if they are they don't know where to start...and this is where you come in! (And who says local business marketing is limited to this country)

How much money will I need as start-up capital to get my business going?”
Start-up capital will vary, but the good thing about the internet is how cheap it is to get going. During the workshop we show you how to build a website for NO COST. The only real cost to you will be purchasing a domain name which you can do for as little as £3.90 per year and we provide the hosting for the first 12 months!

How much money can I earn with the Local Business Income System?”
If you follow the system exactly and implement strategies taught during the one day workshop you will be able to earn £5,000 per month. And we will show you what you need to do to achieve this!

"What support do I get to help me get started?"
To give your local business income support a kick start you get 30 days unlimited support from my personal panel of experts that I have acquired over the last 7 years. Get a question? Stuck on any topic relating to your local income business? Simply send it over to us and we will get back to you, usually within 24 hours!

Here's What Attendees Thought of the Event...


This was a one-off event and all tickets sold out !

There are a strictly limited number of sets of DVDs of the event available

from the link below......

Local Business DVD Package




£247 + VAT


Warmest regards

Newgo Enterprises Limited

P.S. Remember this was an entire day dedicated to local business marketing and you get to watch it in the comfort of your own home!

P.S.S.S Local Business Marketing will continue to grow in the coming years make sure you take advantage of it now! Don't look back and wonder what if!