People Just Like You Are Making Thousands Of Pounds Each And Every Month With Membership Sites - Right Now - With No Content, No Web Design Skills And No Experience Required!

One of the best models for building an online business is to create a residual income by building a membership site within your niche that you can quickly and easily start banking big money forever

But what is a membership site and how does it create a residual income?

A membership site is a website that only allows members to view the content you have given to them once they've signed up. You can also have different levels of memberships such as bronze, silver and gold and charge different joining fees for each different levels.

You may want to offer a free entry level, which would be your bronze level membership and then offer the opportunity to upgrade to the paid levels of membership (your silver and gold levels). The possibilities are huge and you can start everything in under 30 minutes!

So how does this create a residual income?

Ok, well let's start with exactly what a residual income is. A residual income is where you make a sales once and get paid over and over again by the same customer.

In 2006 I attended a seminar in the USA and suddenly realised the HUGE potential of creating membership sites easily make money each and every month.

After returning from the US I developed my first membership website which reviews business opportunities currently available for people looking to start a business (either a traditional business or an online one). The reviews are created by members themselves who have tried the opportunities.

However, I started the membership site with just 7 reviews!

And used the members to grow the content for me...

( I will show you exactly how to do this).

I've grown this business to have over 11,000 paying members who pay £57 a year to read the reviews written by other members.

Since the success of Business Opportunity Review I have gone on to develop other successful memberships websites which have generated over £1 MILLION POUNDS

Let's Look A Bit Further At The Business Model & Exactly How You Can Create A Residual Income...'s say you are in the fishing niche, more specifically Carp fishing and you have designed a membership website for anglers in this market. (But Simon how do you know what niche to go into? - Don't worry I will explain this in a bit), knowing that the fishing market is one where people are willing to spend money, you undertake your market research and you build your membership website with useful content and information that customer are willing to pay for (I will also show you how to outsource this so you don't need to do any of the work yourself) then decide to set your membership price at £17 per month!

As with an internet marketing product or service you provide you will need to test the price as you may find people are willing to pay more than you originally thought

In Your First Month You Signup 100 People Each Paying

£17 per Month Your Automated Income is £1,700!

And if you didn't signup any more people you would then earn the same amount the following month and the month after. This is where the residual part comes in, you are earning money each and every month and you only made one sale! is really powerful stuff!!

So let's say the next month you signed up another 50 people so you now have a membership of 150 people each paying £17 per month = £2,550 per month!

Lets say you recruited 50 new members a month. after a year 500 members could quite well be attained, at £17 would be £8,500 a month or over £100,000 a year. while you sleep!

What Would An Extra £8,500 A Month Automated Income Do For You? How Much Difference Would This Make?

There are a number of ways to make money online, eBooks, software, consultancy, to name just a few but nothing quite compares to the opportunity of developing your own membership site and getting paid month after month.

And developing a membership site in a niche market that you are already interested in, maybe even a hobby that you have, means you can get paid a monthly income by simply sharing your passion and interest with others!

The best part about the whole process, is that if you want to take a few weeks off, maybe a holiday with the family your automated income is still coming in as people are still paying for their subscriptions each month!

But what about keeping your members paying each month?

Yes! One of the keys to building a success membership is by proving your members with a reason for continuing to come back to your website and interact with this, maybe you have a forum? Maybe you add new videos or training methods each month or maybe you provide brand new content for them to read?

What ever approach you decide, it can all be outsourced and I will show you how to do this so you don't have to do any of the work yourself!

Everything can be completely automated!

Common Membership Myth's Exposed!

It just want to dispel a few common myths about building a membership site: do not need to be a website designer to create a membership site doesn't take a huge amount of cost and a large investment doesn't require you to know or understand HTML coding (despite what you might have been told) doesn't take a large amount of time to setup you need is a domain name, hosting account and your membership software! fact it has NEVER been easier to build an automated income when you follow a proven formula and training program takes less time, money and effort to build a membership site than any other web business and I will prove it!

Which of the following applies to you... you ever wanted to build a membership site but not known where to start or what software to use? you start building a membership site but got put off by all the technical talk and jargon? you currently looking to add a membership section to your existing website? you have always wanted to develop one but not know which market to go into? possibly you got a quote from a web designer who said it will take a couple of months and cost a fortune?

We Will Show You How Build A Membership Site In
Just A Couple Of Hours!

If you've said YES to one or more of the above comments, then you need to pay very close attention to what we're about to tell you, because we are about to reveal something never seen before in the UK!

We will show you in front of your own eyes, EXACTLY how to build a membership in just a couple of hours and customise it for your own niche.

That's right!

These 2 internet millionaires turn show you EXACTLY how to build a membership business that makes you money while they sleep!

You see in September 2010 Simon Coulson and David Cavanagh held a closed door workshop, showing attendees how they can build an automated web business by following their simply strategy.

Your Speakers and Internet Marketing Trainers...

Simon Coulson is one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers.

If you’re already in or been around the Internet marketing business you may have heard of Simon or might even have been to one of his previous events. Simon has generated over £7M from internet businesses in the UK

Simon has generated over £1 million pounds from his memberships sites alone and continues to develop new sites today with his simple yet easy to follow model

David Cavanagh has been internet marketing for 10 years and has been frequently awarded "Best Speaker At Event" accolades. You're going to be informed and entertained when you hear David Cavanagh speak.

David is also a membership site expert and has built various sites for his customers and own internet business ventures. David has taken customers from a standing start and in only a matter of days had them up and running with a membership site using his "step by step" methods.

This Is What You Don't Need In Order To Do This... don't need to know anything about membership models don't need to know how to build membership sites don't even need to know what niche market to build your membership site in! don't need an existing website (but if you have on great)! don't need any special technical skills..

Here's What You Will Be "Shown Live" With The Easy Member Income DVD Training

PART 1: Finding A Niche Market For Your Membership Site

Knowing the right market to build your membership site in is one of the most common stumbling blocks that people have.

In the first part we cover market research, what to look for and how to find a profitable niche market to develop your site.

PART 2: What Software You Can Use To Create Your Site

There are a number of ways to build a membership site online but with so many different options it is not easy to know where to start and which one offers the best vale for money. Gone are the days of having to paying a developer £2,000 - £3,000 to build a membership site from scratch but the question is which software should you use and why.

In this section of the course we provide you with the options open for building a membership website a provide you with an overview of each and what you need to consider when making your decision.

We'll show you live sites we've built using:

1. Membergate
2. Sub Hub sites
3. WishlistMember
4. Easy Member Pro

PART 3: How To Design Your Membership Site

Designing your membership site is a key element to success that you need to get right straight from the off. Your website needs to appear engaging enough for the user to want to join and look trust worthy for them to part with their money.

I'm sure you have visited a website that and thought "I wouldn't signup for that". Try to think like the customer when designing your website!

We will cover all the design elements for your membership site that you need to consider. And show you step-by-step how to customise the website including adding your own header graphics!

PART 4: Taking Payment From Your Customers

This is an essential requirement for any successful web business and we have a section specifically dedicated taking payments for membership sites. Remember these payment are recurring payments so you need to make sure your payment processer can handle this.

We will show you which ones to use and how to integrate them into your membership website.

PART 5: How to get launch your membership site

This is a step that most people don't consider when building a membership site and as a result struggle to see a return on their time and investment.

You need to create an effective launch strategy and we will show you how to do this and what has worked for us in the past.

PART 6: How to get consistent targeted traffic to your site

Traffic is the key to your success and this is often where people go wrong when building a membership site.

The old saying build it and they will come doesn't hold true if you are not doing anything to promote your site and get it noticed. You need active members to talk about your site and promote it to people they know.

We will cover
traffic strategies for memberships sites and the best way to start driving qualified leads that result in customers.

PART 7: How To Get People To Join & Part With Their Money

Once you have people coming to your website you need them to not only stay on your website (the design and layout will help with this) but you also need them to convert into buying customers and if you do not have a sales structure in place you will struggle.

Even though you are setting up a membership site you still need to sell people on the benefits of joining your site!

PART 8: How to keep your members paying each month

This is the key to your membership success, You need to provide a reason for your members to stay with you each month.

The most important point here is interaction and getting your subscribers to become active within your community. At this point they will see value in paying for the subscription. We will show you exactly how to do this!

PART 9: How to get content for free each month

Adding content to your website each month is a great way of providing value for your members, keeping them active and coming back each month.

We will show you exactly how you can get this for free!

PART 10: How to build a community within your website

There are a number of key components for building a successful membership site and we will go through them with you step by step so you can build your site using our simple yet successful structure.

We will cover topics like, should you have a forum, what about profiles, should you use message boards, pictures, videos, games, polls, quizzes, articles, newsletters and products

PART 11: Pricing models and Membership levels

Another stumbling block to starting a membership site can be your price point, how much should you charge?

Should you offer a free trial, 7 days or 30 days free? How many levels should you have? Just free and paid? Or a multi level membership with bronze, silver and gold?

We answer all of these questions and more...

PART 12: Making More money from your customers : Monetisation Strategies revealed!

The final part of the training looks at how you can make even more money from your membership site. Remember you are building a list of people within your market that are already currently paying for a service. Now that you have them in the funnel you can also find other ways to increase your customers value.

Both David and Simon will show you EVERYTHING you need to know... give you all the tools and ammunition to be able to start making your automated income IMMEDIATELY from the comfort of your own home following exactly

They'll also show you how you can do this business ANYWHERE in the World…. taking NO MONEY out of your pocket… and being able to travel the World while taking your business and office in your suitcase :)

Online Marketers with £millions of sales between them top website designer certified consultant of the U.K.’s top sales copywriters IT Experts including an MSc and C.Eng in IT SEO expert (Stompernet speaker) MBA Business Consultant UK Solicitor

Plus other Industry Experts...

The MINIMUM hourly fee for hiring some of these experts is £250. But with my training package, you can ask them whatever you need via our online system.

...Think about this for a moment. 1 months of fees from just ONE of the panel-members would run into many thousands of pounds!

Bonus 4: Free £100 Voucher for Outsourced Traffic Generation Services

To help you launch your new site we'll give you a £100 voucher for the outsourced traffic experts we use to get masses of traffic to our site. We'll teach you how to get traffic to your sites for free, but if you are short on time then why not outsource it.

You’re Also Covered By Our Money Back Guarantee

"We Guarantee that this package will give you all the skills and software you need to setup your own membership site, how to configure your own membership and how to build your list of subscribers and keep them paying each month. Try it now for 7 days and if for any reason you are not 100% happy send it back for a FULL REFUND"

Here's What Attendees Thought of the Event...

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P.S.S.S Membership sites will continue to grow over the coming years make sure you take advantage of it now! Don't look back and wonder what if!


Isn't there too much competition already?
Nope not at all. There are hundreds of membership sites across hundreds of different markets and room for many more. There are new markets and new avenues being created everyday!

How much money will I need as start-up capital to get my business going?”
Start-up capital will vary, but the good thing about the internet is how cheap it is to get going. During the workshop we will provide you with the software to build your membership for NO COST. The only real cost to you will be purchasing a domain name which you can do for as little as £3.90 per year and we provide the hosting for the first 12 months!

How much money can I earn with the Easy Member Income System?”
If you follow the system exactly and implement strategies taught on the DVD set you will be able to setup a membership site that can generate £5,000 per month, each month automated income. And we will show you what you need to do to achieve this!

"What support do I get to help me get started?"
To give your Easy Member Income System a kick start you get 30 days unlimited support from my personal panel of experts that I have acquired over the last 7 years. Get a question? Stuck on any topic relating to your local income business? Simply send it over to us and we will get back to you, usually within 24 hours!

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